N60T Tube Amplifier

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Nakamichi's Key Personnel

Takeshi Nakamichi

Mr Takeshi Nakamichi joined Nakamichi Corporation in 1972 and had been deeply involved with all legendary Nakamichi audio products marketed in America including the first launch of Nakamichi 1000, world's first 3-Head Cassette Deck. 

Etsuro Nakamichi

Mr Etsuro Nakamichi was immersed in the world of sonar research. So great was our founder's commitment to music that he created the E. Nakamichi Foundation to reflect the love of music, baroque and other forms of music.

Kozo Kobayashi

Hailed as one of the world's best acoustic and audio engineer, Mr Kozo Kobayashi's ingenious audio product design sense and ability has been prevalent. He has been deeply involved in the development of every legendary Nakamichi audio product.

Nakamichi @ Shenzhen AAITF 2020

Nakamichi was present at the Shenzhen AAITF Fair held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in 2020.

The China International Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning (Spring) Trade Fair is one amongst the biggest automotive aftermarkets and tuning trade event worldwide.