Nakamichi FRD1.0


   The digital-display capacitor is an energy storage device; it is designed  to supplement the audio amplifiers power supply during high current demand. An example of such a demand is when music hits a low bass transient. The overall bass response of an audio system will be enhanced by using this device. It is capable of storing a large amount of energy which can be discharged very fast when needed. This makes the power cap a logical addition to the audio system as automotive batteries are not designed to deliver the current required in high power car audio installations. Another feature of the digital display capacitor is its availability to filter car AC voltage induced by the a mplifier's power supply. This can otherwise cause audible noise in the sound system of the car.


  1. For maximum performance, the digital power capacitor should be installed as close to your amplifier as possible. The ideal location is one that allows short wiring runs while keeping the capacitor somewhat isolated from the heat created by the amplifier system

  2. The positive wire should be kept as short as possible and should be connected to the amplifier's battery supply cable. We recommend that a High-Performance Distribution block should be used to create a splice into this cable . No fuses should be installed in the wire between the power capacitor and the amplifier system, but make sure, that there is an appropriate fuse at the battery in the main supply cable.
  3. The ground cable for the power capacitor should be kept as short as possible and should be connected directly to the vehicle's chassis at the bare metal ground surface。

  4. DO NOT ground the capacitor directly to the amplifier ground terminal or ground cable. The positive and negative wires to the capacitor should have the same gauge as the amplifier power wires. High performance 8 or 1OAWG OFC power cables are a good choice for this application.
  5. If the digital display has a remote terminaL remember to connect it with the remote terminal of your amplifier(s) using 18 to 20 AWG primary wire. 
    Connect the REM terminal to the automatic antenna connector of your car radio. Now when turning on and off your car radio, the amplifier will automatically switch on and off. A cable diameter of 0.5mm is sufficient.

What's in the box?

  1. Digital Stiffening Capacitor x 1pc
  2. Mounting Brackets x 2pcs
  3. A Set of tools in a bag x 1pc
  4. User manual x 1pc


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