Nakamichi NK-WK24


Nakamichi wire-kits provide a high level of performance at a entry level price point, enabling budget conscious installers and end users a choice to enjoy great sounding audio without breaking the bank.

Developed by our in house engineers who have had years of experience working on projects with other cable brands, Nakamichi wire-kits have been tuned and adjusted to meet the requirements of not only our customers, but by our own internal team as well.

Our wire-kits come in a wide variety of gauges and lengths depending on the install that you are working on, and are made using only first-quality materials and specifications.

Product Details







4GA Power Cable Solid Red  7*70*0.2CCA OD:10MM CCA 5M 1
4GA Ground Cable Solid Black 7*70*0.2CCA OD:10MM CCA 1M 1
12GA speaker cable Solid Red + Solid Black 62*0.2CCA*2 OD:4.0*8.0MM CCA 15M 1
RCA Cable  Solid Red  15*0.12*CU*2C*2F OD:4.0*8.0MM OFC 5M 1
RCA Cable  Solid Red  15*0.12*CU*2C*2F OD:4.0*8.0MM OFC 5M 1
Remote Cable Black 20*2.0CCA OD:2.0MM CCA 5M 1
MINI ANL Fuse Holder Transparent Black  80A MINI ANL Fuse / / 1
4GA Ring Terminal 1Red、1Black / / / 2
4GA Spade Terminal 1Red、1Black / / / 2
Cable Ties / / / / 10

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