Nakamichi NS6-Q3


The Q3 is Nakamichi's premium 3 Way Component Speaker system, featuring a rotating tweeter housing to suit each individual vehicles pillar installation before deciding on a more permanent housing.

Crafted with premium materials, the Q3 is specifically designed with each individual part in mind to provide a balanced response with pristine highs and robust mids.


Woofer Mid-Range Tweeter
N-Power 75W 30W 20W
Impedance 4Ω 4Ω 4Ω
Sensitivity 88dB±3dB 85dB 89dB
Frequency Response 50Hz -20kHZ 100Hz -20kHZ 800Hz -20kHZ
Voice Coil KSV 35mm KSV 25mm ASV 25mm
Magnet Mass 20Oz 6.5Oz -
Net Weight 1541g 247g 102g
Mounting Depth 75mm 37mm 30mm
Mounting Diameter 140mm 74mm 42mm



What's In The Box

  1. Installation Manual x 2pcs
  2. Woofer x 2pcs
  3. Woofer’s Grille Net + Frame x 2pcs
  4. MID-Range x 2pcs
  5. MID-Range’s Grille Net+Frame x 2pcs
  6. MID-Range’s Back Cover x 2pcs
  7. MID-Range’s Label x 2pcs
  8. MID-Range’s 3M Sticker 91x41.5mmx1.5T x 2pcs
  9. MID-Range’s 3M Sticker 91x41.5mmx4.5T x 2pcs
  10. Tweeter x 2pcs
  11. Tweeter’s Back Cover x 2pcs
  12. Tweeter’s Label x 2pcs
  13. Tweeter’s 3M Sticker 33.5x10.5mmx0.5T x 2pcs
  14. Tweeter’s 3M Sticker 54x25mmx1.5T x 2pcs
  15. Network x 2pcs
  16. 2.5mm “L” Type Wrench x 1pc
  17. 3.0mm “L” Type Wrench x 1pc
  18. Mounting Screw M3x10mm (Tweeter) x 6pcs
  19. Mounting Screw M4x25mm (Mid-Range) x 8pcs
  20. Mounting Screw M4x30mm (Woofer,Network)
  21. “8” Type Mounting Bracket


NS6-Q3 User Manual

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