Nakamichi NDSK4165AU


Product Data

Dynamic Range(RCA Input) ≥100dB
S/N(RCA Input) ≥90dB
Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz
Input Impedance High Level Input:240Ω
Low level Output Impedeance ≤100Ω
Signal Input RCA Input:8Vpp;High Level:26Vpp
Output Range RCA Output:12Vpp;Amplifier:4×60W
Power DC9V-16V
REM Input  High Level Input Signal:FL+/FL-or ACC control cable
REM Output +12V Startup Voltage Output
Standby Power ≤0.1W
Gross Weight Approx. 0.7kg
Box Dimension(L×H×W) 174.5×120×40mm


Technical Sheet

Input Signal Type 4 Channel high level,supports internal Bluetooth and USB music playback
Output Type 6 Channels low level,4 Channels 60W power
Output Gain Gain range:Mute,-59dB~6dB
Output Signal EQ

15-band EQ for every channel,
1.Frequency Range:20Hz~20KHz,1Hz Accuracy
2.Q value(Slope):0.404~28.85
3.Gain:-12.0dB~+12.0dB,0.1dB Accuracy

Output Signal Crossover  Equipped with high and low pass filters.
1.Professional filter type:Butter-W, Bessel,Link-Rill
2.Filtering Crossover Point: 20Hz~20kHz, Resolution 1Hz
3.Filter Slope setup:6dB/Oct ~ 24dB/Oct
Output Phase and Time Alignment Adjust phase and time alignment for every output channel :
In Phase or Out Phase(0°-180°);
Time Alignment: 0.000 to 20.000 milliseconds, 0 to 692 cm,0 to 273 inch.
Presets Save 6 presets into the device.

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