Nakamichi NAM5730


Featuring a redesigned Nakamichi operating system and paired with an 8 core processor, the Nakamichi NAM5730 is poised to deliver audio excellence while delivering a latency free user experience across all your preferred applications during your drive.

With it's build in digital signal processing (DSP) chip and 5.1 channel audio support, make every listening experience special and customized to your taste with powerful equalizer, preset and time delay processing tools.

 DSD support allows you to enjoy SACD like music quality without the need for an external music player, reducing the fuss and hassle of extra cables!



 Operation Voltage 14.4V(10.5-16V)
Installation Size Thickness:42mm
Net Weight 9",748g/10",851g


Operating system Android 9.0
DDR 2GB or 4GB 
Flash 32GB or 64GB


FM Frequency Range 87.5-108.0MHZ
MW Frequency Range  522-1620KHZ


Communication System BT4.0+EDR 
Output BT Standard Power 2 Class
Max Communication Range 5m
Frequency Band 2.4GHz

USB Interface

USB Readable/Chargeable (5±0.25V/1A)


Max Power 4×50W
Front Output(V) 4V/10KΩ
Pre-output impedance ≤600Ω
Speakers impedance 4-8Ω 

TFT Screen Item

Size 9.0"/10.1"
Display Resolution 1280×720
Contrast ratio  500
Bridhtness 500nit


External Video Input system NTSC/PAL/SECAM
Exteral Video Input 1VP-P/75Ω

Video Fromat


Audio Fromat


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