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Our Nakamichi NA3605M9 is our latest iteration of our popular Carplay model, the NA3605 with a 9" screen and a Double DIN body suitable for installation across all vehicle models.

This AV multi-media receiver comes with multi-connectivity features such as CD/DVD, USB, SD card and Bluetooth for immediate access to your entire entertainment library.

Of course being an AV multi-media receiver, you'd still expect to have the option of listening to the latest hits and news as well as check out traffic reports on your local AM/FM radio stations. The NA3605M9 lets you do just that thanks to its AM/FM tuner with RDS.

The player also playbacks MP3, WMA and LossLess music files giving you the best of all worlds. Bluetooth feature allows you to stream your favorite music, photos and video files from your phone to the AV media receiver. Stay connected to your calls while driving with the Bluetooth hands-free feature while staying focused on the road.

The NA3605M9 also works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so no matter what phone you are using, you'll be covered.

For iPhone users, this AV multi-media connects to Siri so that you don’t just get real time navigations but assistance with music, maps, phone calls and messages too. Voice Control works just as well with Android Auto so that Android users get access to similar functions and features. NAKAMICHI NA3605M9 is rear camera ready should you want to add-on a reverse camera for parking assistance.

Last but not least, there is also a steering wheel control feature (applicable to compatible steering wheels) which enables you to control the main multi-media receiver functions from the steering wheel itself.

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