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Providing you with total control over your sound's car audio system and to enable you to bring out the best in any setup, that's what the NDS6120 digital sound processor was designed for.

Small and un-obstructive, with its internal isolated power supply means the NDS6120 can fit into almost any space in your vehicle, and keep it hidden from view.

With 31 bands of parametric equalizer adjustment, which means you can adjust the frequency, gain and slope of each individual channel, and paired with a good measurement microphone and software setup, this allows you to precisely correct speaker response and time delay to build the sound stage in your vehicle to your exact specifications.

12 channels of outputs allows for a wide array of customization, no matter what kind of setup you are looking to build. 

Our driverless USB interface reduces the need for troublesome software integration, let's you get to the sound as soon as possible.

Optical input allows you to have multiple input sources, with our optional Bluetooth module you're looking at 4 different types of inputs to choose from.

Pair it with our optional Bluetooth module to further expand the NDS6120 functionality with streaming high resolution audio as well as application control to tune your sound while on the go.

Our optional remote also allows you to adjust volume and presets while driving, while still providing a small footprint for ease of installation.

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  • Dynamic Range(RCA Input): ≥100dB
  • S/N (RCA Input): ≥90dB
  • Distortion(THD): ≤0.05%
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
  • Input Impedance: High level input:240Ω ;Low level input:20kΩ
  • Low Level Output: 51Ω
  • Signal Input & Output Range:RCA Input:7.5Vpp;High Level:26Vpp;RCA Output:7.5Vpp
  • Working Temperature: -40~70℃
  • Power: DC9V~16V
  • REM Input: High Level Input Signal: FL+/FL- or ACC control cable
  • REM Output: +12V Startup Voltage Output
  • Standby Power: ≤0.1W
  • Net Weight: Approx. 0.9Kg
  • Product Dimension(L×W×H): 196×132×39mm